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For my treatments I use “Beauty Hills System Cosmetics”  and M1 Select skin care made in Germany.







Beauty Hills – 5 Synergistic Steps Towards Beautiful Skin

The Beauty Hills products work on a five-level system providing a deep degree of nutrition, in which the products and their active ingredients complement, support, strengthen and therefore work together with and for the skin. 


Better results are achieved through this five-stage skin care because, thanks to their various combination possibilities, a personalised care programme can be developed for all of your skin's individual needs - as each skin is multifaceted, so its care can be just as multifaceted.


Introducing  M1 Select

M1 Select is the high performance skin care line from M1 Med Beauty, the largest supplier of aesthetic medicine in Germany. Each product from M1 Select is specifically formulated to deliver quality results in the comfort of your own home.

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